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Lesson 12

Basic Angular Knowledge Review (Mega Quiz)

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Basic Angular Knowledge Review (Mega Quiz)

This lesson contains all of the recap quizzes from all of the lessons in this module. I have added headers to each group of quizzes so that you know which lesson to go back and study if you get stuck. Good luck!

TypeScript and ES6 Concepts

Which of the following best describes TypeScript...

What ES6 concept is used to help display/bind values and events to an Angular component's template?

Which best describes the role of a promise?

Structure of an Angular application

What best describes the typical role of the root component?

What is required in order to use the app-root tag in our index.html file?

The only way to display a component is to configure a route for it with the RouterModule

An Introduction to Angular Template Syntax

The best syntax for binding a variable to a property is...

If we want to bind a click event to some method we would do...

If we wanted to render out the result of 1 + 1 in the template, which of the following would work?

What is the correct way to set up two way data binding?

What is the correct way to set up a template variable?

Select the component that a directive with a selector of [myDirective] would apply to

The *ngIf structural directive will...

The *ngFor structural directive will...

Understanding Decorators in Angular

A decorator could be best described as a way to...

One role of the @Component decorator is to...

Which of these best describe the role of a directive...

A pipe allows us to...

Working with Components in Angular

An @Input() allows...

The proper syntax for setting up an input is...

How can you use data from a child component in a parent component?

NgModules, Routing, and Standalone Components

If we want to make a component available to use within a module we can...

Which of the following contains an exhaustive list of all declarables (i.e. they can be added to the declarations array of a module)?

What best describes what happens when we import one module into another module?

Which is the best description of the SCAM approach?

Why would we export something from a module?

Understanding Dependency Injection in Angular

What is the correct way to inject MyService?

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of dependency injection?

What is the best way to configure sharing a single instance of a dependency with the entire application

Change Detection: OnPush vs Default

What are the three main ways change detection can be triggered with the OnPush strategy?

If a component has an object as an input, what do you need to do to make sure changing the values in that object triggers change detection with the OnPush strategy?

How should we update the propertyToOverwrite value of an object if we are using the OnPush strategy?

What is the correct way to navigate to another route in Angular from the template?

What is the correct way to navigate to another route in Angular from the class?

If we want a route to accept a parameter called 'word' on a route called 'define' how would we set that up?

If we wanted to get access to the 'word' param on our 'define' page what should we inject into our component?

User Input and Forms in Angular

What are the two form modules we can import from Angular?

The three main types of form controls we can create are...

What is the correct way to make a field required using FormBuilder?

What property of a form group can we use to check if all the validators have passed?

What event can we bind to on a form element to handle a submission?

Fetching Data from a Backend/API

What needs to be injected in order to make an HTTP request?

What is the correct syntax for making an HTTP request?


Nice work completing this module! You can go back and study if you got any of these questions wrong if you like, but it isn’t necessary to continue. You aren’t going to absorb everything all at once, so feel free to continue on to the next module and come back again later if you need.