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Lesson 1


Let's get native!



It’s time to build another application! Part of the goal of this application will be to continue learning and reinforcing the general concepts we have been working on, but the special focus of this application is on native integration. We have just spent some time learning about the basics of Capacitor, and in this module we are going to see what integrating native functionality into an Ionic application with Capacitor actually looks like.

As we progress through the applications, I will be put less emphasis on explaining the things we have already covered - not because I expect you to have everything down after completing one proper application, but to intentionally create situations where you might feel a bit lost or unsure of exactly what is happening. This should help highlight the concepts you might need to focus on more deeply. In cases where you do feel a bit lost/stuck I would recommend following these steps:

  1. Reflect on the situation independently for a little bit
  2. Research using the documentation or just Googling
  3. Go back to the equivalent situation in the Quicklists application or view the source code

Specifically, I think it is a good idea to try researching independently of this course material first as that is what you will need to rely on doing after completing the course.


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