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Lesson 3

Using Native Plugins with Capacitor

Accessing native functionality


Using Native Plugins with Capacitor

Although we have the ability to write our own custom native code or plugins if we want, generally most of the time we will utilise Capacitor Plugins to access various native functionality.

The Ionic team, who built and maintain Capacitor, maintain a list of official plugins which are free for everybody to use. This includes:

  • Action Sheet
  • App
  • App Launcher
  • Browser
  • Camera
  • Clipboard
  • Device
  • Dialog
  • Filesystem
  • Geolocation
  • Google Maps
  • Haptics
  • Keyboard
  • Local Notifications
  • Motion
  • Network
  • Preferences
  • Push Notifications
  • Screen Reader
  • Share
  • Splash Screen
  • Status Bar
  • Text Zoom
  • Toast

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